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08.08.2022 à 00:02

A huge Atlantic ocean current is slowing down. If it collapses, La Niña could become the norm for Australia


Climate change is slowing down the conveyor belt of ocean currents that brings warm water from the tropics up to the North Atlantic. Our research, published today in Nature Climate Change, looks at the profound consequences to global climate if this Atlantic conveyor collapses entirely.
We found the collapse of this system – called the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation – would shift the Earth's climate to a more La Niña-like state. This would mean more flooding rains over eastern (...)

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07.08.2022 à 18:14

Beyond Infrastructure: Chinese Capital in the Philippines Under Duterte

CAMBA Alvin A., JIANG Rongchen

While few large Chinese infrastructure projects have eventuated under the current administration, the country has been awash in Chinese money.
With the end of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's administration in sight, a thorough reassessment of his China policy in the development sphere seems warranted. According to some journalists and analysts, large-scale Chinese projects under Duterte have failed to actualize. For these observers, large Chinese infrastructure projects come in two (...)

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07.08.2022 à 17:37

Military strategy in the Pacific - Guam: the sharpening of the spear's tip

KUPER Kenneth Gofigan

Washington puts the island of Guam, but not the people of Guam, at the center of its military strategy in the Pacific.
The RIMPAC exercise once again underscores the role of the islands and region in warfighting strategy as well as the complex and even paradoxical nature of “defending” and “protecting.” This is especially true for the island of Guam, the homeland of the indigenous CHamoru people. In Guam, military officials from the Joint Region Marianas assure the residents (and the (...)

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