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 The New-York Times

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28.03.2020 à 20:34 UTC:05:00

Over 600,000 Coronavirus Cases Worldwide: Live Updates


President Trump says he is weighing quarantines for hot spots like New York and other states. More than 17 now tally over 1,000 cases. Spain and Italy’s death tolls surged. The largest economic stimulus package in modern U.S. history is in effect.

28.03.2020 à 20:45 UTC:05:00

The Lost Month: How a Failure to Test Blinded the U.S. to Covid-19

par Michael D. Shear, Abby Goodnough, Sheila Kaplan, Sheri Fink, Katie Thomas and Noah Weiland

Aggressive screening might have helped contain the coronavirus in the United States. But technical flaws, regulatory hurdles and lapses in leadership let it spread undetected for weeks.

28.03.2020 à 20:48 UTC:05:00

Cuomo Dismisses Trump’s Idea for N.Y. Region Quarantine: Live Updates


“I don’t know how that could be legally enforceable,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said shortly after the president suggested sealing off the U.S. epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

28.03.2020 à 20:08 UTC:05:00

Medical Expert Who Corrects Trump Is Now a Target of the Far Right

par Davey Alba and Sheera Frenkel

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the administration’s most outspoken advocate of emergency virus measures, faces a torrent of false claims that he is mobilizing to undermine the president.

28.03.2020 à 20:34 UTC:05:00

Free Access to Coronavirus Coverage

par The New York Times

The Times is providing free access to our most important updates and guidance on the global coronavirus crisis.

28.03.2020 à 20:34 UTC:05:00

par The New York Times

28.03.2020 à 18:14 UTC:05:00

Alone on the Road, a Trucker’s Long Haul as America Fights the Virus

par John Branch, Terry Ratzlaff and Darrell Woolsey

Darrell Woolsey does not know when he will go home to Wyoming and his wife and three children.

28.03.2020 à 18:15 UTC:05:00

‘We Have Lost It All’: The Shock Felt by Millions of Unemployed Americans

par Sabrina Tavernise, Audra D. S. Burch, Sarah Mervosh and Campbell Robertson

One day there was a job. The next day it was gone. 

28.03.2020 à 20:16 UTC:05:00

April Bills Loom. The Economy Hangs on How Many Are Left Unpaid.

par Conor Dougherty and Ben Casselman

With businesses and personal finances hit hard by a loss of income, the first of the month may mean triage in deciding what to pay.

28.03.2020 à 14:28 UTC:05:00

More Americans Should Probably Wear Masks for Protection

par Knvul Sheikh

Experts have started to question whether masks may offer at least some protection to healthy individuals and essential workers.

27.03.2020 à 15:06 UTC:05:00

How to Take Care of Your Lungs

par Zoë Schlanger

If you’re one of millions of Americans exposed to air pollution, you may be at a greater risk of catching the coronavirus — and of having a more severe infection.

27.03.2020 à 23:10 UTC:05:00

Shielding the Fetus From the Coronavirus

par Apoorva Mandavilli

New studies suggest the virus can cross the placenta, but newborns have been mildly affected if at all.

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