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02.06.2023 à 21:35

Parc des Beaumonts (Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis) : Compte-rendu de la soirée d'observation des hétérocères (papillons de nuit) effectué en mai 2023


Cinq participants et participantes étaient présents lors de cette session printanière qui s'inscrivait dans le cadre de la 17e édition des fêtes de Nature. L'OPIE (office pour les insectes et leur environnement) en était partenaire.
Ce compte-rendu a été rédigé par André Lantz, membre de l'association Beaumonts-Nature en ville (BNeV), qui animait la session à laquelle participait notamment Pierre Rousset et Sylvain Clede. Commencé le 26 mai avant la tombée de la nuit, elle s'est prolongée jusque vers (...)

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02.06.2023 à 20:31

The European eel – a critically endangered species on the menu of top European restaurants May 31, 2023


Alan Thornett (pictured with a trophy eel in 1949) writes:
The most disastrous consequence, of today's environmental crisis, is the catastrophic collapse of global biodiversity. This is now recognised as the greatest extinction event our planet has faced since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. We ignore it at our peril, since we cannot survive without the millions of other species that live alongside us.
According to the Natural History Museum the UK is one of the most (...)

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02.06.2023 à 20:04

Europe has lost over half a billion birds in 40 years. The single biggest cause? Pesticides and fertilisers


A trickle of studies warning that the enormous variety of living things on Earth is diminishing has turned into a flood. The evidence for these losses within regions and globally is undeniable. But data on biodiversity, and what is causing its decline, is still patchy – restricted to some causes, some places and some species. That isn't the case for birds in Europe, however.
Birds have long fascinated amateur and professional scientists, and close cooperation across Europe has created a deep (...)

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02.06.2023 à 14:23

The energy crisis prompted the EU to seek closer ties with Azerbaijan. Here's why it's controversial


‘Green' Azeri energy isn't a magic bullet for EU dependence on Russia, experts say.
“Since the beginning of Russia's war, we have decided to turn our back on Russian fossil fuels and to diversify toward reliable energy partners.”
Ursula von der Leyen's comments in December last year came at the signing of a deal to construct a new submarine cable under the Black Sea, one that will supposedly allow Azerbaijan and Georgia to supply green electricity to Hungarian and Romanian markets.
Despite the (...)

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02.06.2023 à 14:09

Power, illegality and impunity in Indonesia's plantation zone

LI Tania

“Please tell me how I can make companies obey the law,” the official said.
He was exasperated by the companies whose oil palm plantations saturated the sub-district he headed in Indonesian Borneo. Their managers refused to give him information, address complaints or even come to his office when called, he told me and my co-researcher Pujo Semedi.
His complaint was not unusual. Semedi and I were studying everyday life in what we called the “plantation zone”—part of the vast swathe of rural (...)

- Rural & fisherfolk (Indonesia)
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